Top 7 Best Free Android Apps - October (2018) 7 months ago

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A mix of utility, productivity, personalization apps!

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Top 7 best apps for Galaxy S8/Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/OnePlus 6/Oppo/Honor/Vivo/Asus/Xiaomi

Overdrop Weather
Download link:
One of the best weather app with beautiful widgets that can help you personalize and customize your homescreen. One of my favourite weather app just because it is so badass! Get access to multiple material design widgets free for your homescreen.

It’s not just a weather app that gives you weather related information - like 7 day forecast and ability to add more locations on the fly.

ACR - Automatic Call recorder.
Download link:

It is a call recorder that automatically records your conversation whether it is an incoming call or an outgoing call. It stores it on your phone here in this list and you can play it back whenever you want.

Upload call recordings to cloud or download them to your computer.
Restrict call recordings to certain contacts or phone numbers.
Limit call recordings to non-contacts or unknown phone numbers.

Edge Screen S9 (No Ads)
Download link:

Get edge panel functionality in any android smartphone with Edge Screen S9. it’s free and lets you access your favourite contacts, direct dials, direct whatsapp messages, app shortcuts, tools like calculator on a side drawer free for Android.

Obviously all of this is editable. You can go into settings and enable or disable certain edge panels, re-order them so that you can have the one you really want to be the first.

Download link:

Track, Monitor and improve your Android smartphone’s battery life for free with Accubattery. Track how apps are draining your battery and how it is impacting battery health.
Monitor apps that use your battery more than others through app discharge summary.
You can also restrict battery charging with an alarm system - so that you don’t charge the battery over a certain percentage.

Find It.
Download link:

Let’s say you have a bunch of text in front of you on a paper or even on a screen. If you want to find a specific word, you can do so by just launching the app and inputting the word that you are looking for. It will highlight it with a yellow cursor below the word so you know exactly where it is.

Niagara launcher.
Download link:

All though this homescreen replacement app is fairly new and in the development stage, it is very simple and quite useful. Let’s you put all your main apps on the homescreen with instant access to all your apps organized by alphabets. It’s smooth, its quick and really simple. If in case there are any notification, you can simply swipe right on the app and it will show you all the unread notifications.

Parallel Space.
Download link:

While the latest versions of Android support running clones of some apps like Whatsapp, Skype and Messenger - you could run parallel apps for more apps. If you download Parallel Space, it’ll scan your phone for compatible apps and give you a list of apps that can be cloned and then you can run the same app with two different accounts. So if you don’t have the version of Android that supports it or some apps that are not supported natively on your Android, go for it.

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